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[Trailer] The Deadites are back in Evil Dead: Rise, and they've brought a cheese grater

I have loved the Evil Dead films ever since I happened upon Evil Dead 2 at a party too many years ago. Ever since I have gleefully anticipated the return of Ash Williams (the legendary Bruce Campbell) and all his gory escapades. In 2013 we saw the next incarnation with Evil Dead with Fede Alverez taking over the director's chair. Now 10 years and a fantastic television series (Ash VS. The Evil Dead) later we have our first look at Evil Dead Rise, the 5th installment of the beloved franchise.

This time around the filmmakers are trading the run-down cabin in the woods for a high-rise set-in Los Angeles. The Necronomicon won't be found by some hapless teens looking to party, but instead by estranged siblings Beth and Ellie. Their reunion is cut short however when the Book of the dead is discovered in the basement of their complex. When Hell is unleashed, literally, it will be up to Beth to try and protect Ellie and her children from the nightmares they unleash.

The female lead is a carryover from the 2013 film, and I think it's a welcome direction for the Evil Dead series, especially when dealing with the matriarch of the family being the one possessed. Its looking like writer/ director Lee Cronin is pulling no punches with the gore, creepiness and blood spilling all turned up to 11. Enjoy.

Starring: Alyssa Sutherland, Lily Sullivan, and Morgan Davies

Producer: Robert Tapert

Executive Producer: Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi

Evil Dead: Rise is slated for release April 23rd, 2023


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